ITCPower Electric Generators, an opportunity for your business

In recent years, frequent power outages have increased the demand for standby power solutions for home and work. During a power outage, besides wasting food or wasting light, it can also be life-threatening. Some examples would be the loss of air conditioning in summer or heating in winter, not to mention the loss of power of medical equipment that works electrically. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, but transformed from one form to another, any mode of electricity generation requires a fuel source. Technically, in electric generators electricity is generated from mechanical energy. Mechanical energy, in turn, is converted from so-called primary sources, such as chemical, nuclear or thermal energy containing various types of fuel, or is obtained from renewable resources such as sunlight, wind or waterfalls. The machine that converts primary energy into mechanical energy is called an energy source. Steam turbines, internal combustion engines, gas, water and wind combustion turbines are the most common types of energy sources.

7 reasons to trust in Itcpower

Are you thinking of buying an electric generator and don't know who to trust? Have you found different distributors, but none of them convince you? If you are undecided and need someone who speaks clearly and directly to you, here are 8 reasons that will make you decide to buy one of our products ITCPower: Leading company in the sector ITCPower Group is one of the leading companies in the sector and we are not telling you this ourselves, but we have a long list of customers who certify it. More than 10 million generators sold prove our supremacy in the field of generators, both nationally and internationally. Experience is a degree Since 2001 we have been perfecting all our products, and only experience has allowed us to improve all those aspects that were required to get to where we are. Brand with international vision Our geographical scope goes beyond the national and ITCPower is present in more than 150 countries, giving the brand the prestige and pleasure of satisfying so many people around the world. Service guarantee For ITCPower, the customer and the product are the fundamental pillars of the brand. And to give our customers as much security of purchase as possible and to avoid all uncertainties, we offer a 2-year warranty on all our power generators. Personalised after-sales service And because we know that the customer is the centre of our company, we try to give them

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ITCPOWER training sessions

In our factory in China, our employees receive constant training, in order to carry out a better manufacturing and assembly. Once a month, we have in our training room, a session of latest developments to improve our product line. The reason, a rapid development of technologies. We constantly need to adapt our products to the current needs of our customers. The fundamental thing is to be pioneers in being able to apply new knowledge of the most cutting-edge technology to our generators and generating sets. Knowledge is paramount for our employees so that we can better assemble, test and finish our product.

New facilities ITCPower/Kat Power International S.L.

Kat Power International acquires new facilities in January 2010, doubling its warehousing and distribution capacity. With the new installations we now have more than 2,700 m² of usable space. The growth and consolidation of the ITCPower and HYUNDAI generators in the Spanish market during 2009 should be highlighted, thanks to the loyalty of our customers and the quality of our products in equal parts. These factors in a few difficult years have encouraged us to invest in improving service to our customers. We extend the staff with specialized technicians to speed up the response time in the after-sales service, reinforcing our strengths.